Where We’re Going

In order to arrive at our desired destination and increase the community’s quality of life, steps must be taken to promote intelligent growth, encourage innovation, position Riverside as a location of choice, and attract desirable businesses and jobs to the region.

These are the aspirations describing what Riversiders see as the characteristics of a vital community with a high Quality of Life.



Strong Innovative Economy That Builds Community

Riverside attracts, nurtures and sustains an exciting nexus of cutting-edge, 21st Century business people and leaders whose products, services and organizations have a profoundly positive impact on the region and the world.


Well-Developed, Highly Sought-After Workforce

Riverside develops diverse, highly trained, next-generation employees that embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and take full advantage of the abundance of skill-building opportunities needed to compete in the identified five highly desirable industries.


 Lifelong Learning For all

Riverside exudes a culture of lifelong learning and an increased quality of life through a diverse slate of educational and developmental opportunities.


Home of Next-Century Health Care

Riverside is the home of next-century health care, research, device and pharmaceutical development and manufacturing, and highly-skilled, diverse medical professionals that attract patients, retirees, students and workers committed to wellness.


Being A Green Machine

Riverside is the international magnet and model for sustainable business, environmental innovation and green living with a synergistic partnership of industry, City leadership and residents.


 Around The City, Around The Year, Around The Clock

Riverside buzzes with an unmatched array of nationally recognized and regionally distinctive destinations delighting people of diverse interests, age groups and lifestyles by providing a mix of popular venues for dining, shopping, entertainment and socializing.


 Transforming Spaces Into Places

Riverside is a highly desirable place to live, work and play because it has respectfully developed its historical heritage and spaces into undeniably inviting places.


 Big City Recreation With a Hometown Feel

Riverside boasts connected neighborhoods through the ingenious use of multi-use trails, parks, recreational facilities and services. The City’s dynamic residents take advantage of the year-round temperate climate and utilize miles of trails and tree-lined streets to enjoy the spectacular natural environment.


Creativity Central

The history, culture, architecture, and natural beauty of Riverside has given birth to a valued community of artists, galleries and performance venues offering visitors, residents and artists an oasis of cultural opportunity.


 Collaborating To Build Community

Riverside passionately pursues the common good through collaborations and connections among government, academic institutions, for-profit businesses, nonprofit and community-based organizations, faith congregations, and civic and community leaders within the City and the Inland Southern California region.


Telling Our Story

Riverside is known for exciting events, interesting people and innovative businesses, and is routinely featured in a positive light in regional, national and international media, which attracts people to visit and live in the city.

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is a city that honors and builds on its assets to become known as a location of choice that catalyzes innovation in all forms, enjoys a high quality of life and is unified in pursuing the common good.