Core Function: Connect

Volunteers help pick up trash at a Keep Riverside Clean and Beautiful City Beautification Event.

The Connect Function of Seizing Our Destiny brings people together in new and different ways so that we passionately pursue the common good through collaborations and connections. Our approach is to identify gaps in collaboration and finding ways to bridge them, leveraging existing resources, reducing duplication and enhancing impact.

People who serve on the Champions Council are expected to link Seizing Our Destiny to their professional and personal spheres of influence. This will help Riversiders understand what the Seizing Our Destiny vision is, how it impacts their lives and how they can be involved in improving the quality of life of our community.

In turn, Champions bring information from their networks to help shape and influence the work of Seizing Our Destiny. This continuous feedback loop ensures that Seizing Our Destiny stays responsive and flexible to the concerns of Riversiders.

This connecting function is exemplified by two efforts that grew out of the first two years of Seizing Our Destiny.  Each was nurtured by community leaders and is continuing:

  1.  Education Roundtable – a “think and do” tank of city and county education leadership created by those involved with Lifelong Learning and mobilizing for coordinated and effective action across our educational institutions
  2. Green Riverside Leadership Forum – a community collaborative created at the Green Machine’s Green Riverside Leadership Summit, mobilizing around shared goals for a truly sustainable community. Get connected to the effort on Facebook.

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