Core Function: Communicate

The Communicate Function of Seizing Our Destiny tells the Riverside story by and for Riversiders, to increase pride and build momentum for quality of life efforts.

People who serve on the Champions Council are committed to sharing their community pride and the stories that justify that pride with their neighbors, co-workers, friends and families, both inside and outside of Riverside. This will help to spread the word about Riverside’s high quality of life, and our efforts to increase it. Having an active cadre of people speaking with pride about their community will begin to erase decades of negative perceptions of Riverside by people who have never been here, and encourage them to visit, shop and enjoy the city.

Through the end of 2012, Seizing Our Destiny Champions are expected to share news and information about the following exciting Riverside campaigns. Please help us spread this big news!

Riverside Awarded Intelligent Community of the Year 2012

Riverside was singled out as the most intelligent community in the world at an award ceremony in June 2012. The award honors communities that have overcome challenges to set a global standard for the use of information and communications technology in building sustainable local prosperity and social inclusion in the 21st Century. The award is presented by the Intelligent Communities Forum, an independent think tank, whose co-founder Louis Zacharilla congratulated Riverside, saying we are a community that is “….using its collective willpower and intelligence to prove, once again, that there is a great revival taking place among the world’s cities, towns and regions.”

Give BIG Riverside
– November 13, 2012

The challenge is on: In only 24 hours – November 13, 2012 – Riversiders will donate half a million dollars to 200 local nonprofit organizations! Organized by a group of local nonprofit and community leaders, Give BIG Riverside is an outstanding example of how we are collaborating to build self-sufficiency in the face of big economic challenges that have caused distress to many of our neighbors.

Think BIG. Care BIG. Act BIG. Give BIG.

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City Economic Development Committed to Quality of Life

The City of Riverside has adopted Seizing Our Destiny’s vision as its guide to economic development philosophy, goals and impact. The City has chosen to focus job creation strategies on attracting businesses within five desirable industries on the premise that they pay good wages, require skilled employees, provide opportunity for job and career growth, are more recession-proof than other industries, are good matches with the assets the city has to offer and attract ancillary businesses. The industries are:

  1. Medical/health care (services, medical devices, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals);
  2. Professional services;
  3. Financial/insurance;
  4. Green/advanced manufacturing; and
  5. Innovative high tech.

Boosting Participation in the Annual Community Quality of Life Survey

In 2011, Seizing Our Destiny released the Riverside Quality of Life Index: Celebrating Progress and a Call to Action. The Index is a truthful, asset-based examination of what is working in Riverside, and what needs working on, as we strive for a better quality of life. The largest survey of Riversiders ever conducted was an essential part of gathering data for the Index and gauging perceptions of quality of life. In 2011 we surveyed 1,450 Riversiders (those who live or work here); in 2012 our goal is to double the participants and to ensure they are broadly representative of the people who call Riverside home.

is a city that honors and builds on its assets to become known as a location of choice that catalyzes innovation in all forms, enjoys a high quality of life and is unified in pursuing the common good.