What We Do

Communicate. Connect. Measure.

Building on the community vision (“Our Vision”) established with Seizing Our Destiny, Riverside will be known for these qualities:

In 2009, nine specific areas of aspiration were chosen as the focus of the campaign to improve quality of life. Much has been accomplished, but perhaps the most important accomplishmenthas been harnessing the enormous civic energy in Riverside in pursuit of a common vision.

The core functions and work of Seizing Our Destiny can be summarized as:

Communicate: Telling the Riverside story by and for Riversiders, to increase pride and build momentum for increased quality of life efforts.

Connect:  Bringing people together in new and different ways by identifying gaps and finding ways to bridge them, which leverages existing resources and enhances impact.

Measure: By evaluating and measuring both facts and feelings about the quality of life in Riverside we were able to produce the Riverside Quality of Life Index: Celebrating Progress and A Call to Action.

is a city that honors and builds on its assets to become known as a location of choice that catalyzes innovation in all forms, enjoys a high quality of life and is unified in pursuing the common good.