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Wood Streets Neighbor Network Recognized for Improving Riverside’s Quality of Life

Each month the Riverside City Council in partnership with the Riverside Neighborhood Partnership (RNP) – a gathering of neighborhood leaders and activists from the community, business and faith-based organizations – celebrates an achievement or success of a local neighborhood group or effort.

WSNN LogoEarlier this month, the RNP 2013 Chairman and Seizing Our Destiny Champion Pastor Jeff Wright and RNP Board Member Gary Coffer recognized the Wood Streets Neighbor Network in a presentation to the City Council.

Founded in May 2012 by Michele Carry, the community group has already grown to over 30 volunteers who help their neighbors in the Wood Streets with tasks such as walking dogs, running errands, doing minor household repairs and other everyday jobs.

“Nationwide 28% of residents do not know the name of a single neighbor,” stated Wright. “This Wood Streets Neighbor Network stands in contrast to that inertia; they get to know, and serve, their neighbors in the Wood Streets.”

WSNN volunteers help a neighbor with landscaping maintenance (Source: WSNN Facebook page)

Examples of the group’s service includes assisting an elderly neighbor with landscaping maintenance so that she could avoid being cited and/or fined for code violations.  They have driven a retired police officer to and from his cancer treatments – 5 appointments per week for nine straight weeks.  It is also common for the volunteers to partner with local congregations or other agencies to help with service projects throughout their neighborhood.

“It is Riverside’s great strength to have a commitment to neighborhoods and to neighborhood groups, not just for governance, but for local problem solving working with the City to improve our communal quality of life,” expressed RNP Chairman Wright.

The Wood Streets Neighbor Network is a shining example of Riverside as a unified city, improving the quality of life for others through collaboration, outreach and community spirit.

To watch the full City Council presentation recognizing the Wood Streets Neighbor Network, click here; or to learn more about the group, click here.

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