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The Raincross Group Celebrates 25 Years by Honoring 25 Riverside Leaders

The Raincross Group, a community advocacy group, celebrated its 25th anniversary as an organization on Feb. 21 by honoring 25 people voted the most influential to the leadership of the city in the last 25 years.

“Out of the hundred-plus nominations, 25 people stood out to our membership,” said Raincross Group President Wendel Tucker. “This gave us a chance to reflect on the outstanding leadership we have had as a city over the last quarter century, and it pushes us to emulate their example as we move ahead. That strong web of leadership is part of what makes Riverside great.”

“The commonality among all the people who have been named in this list is a dedication to the well-being of the city, outside of their work day,” said Collette Lee, Raincross Group President-Elect. “Each of these honorees sees community involvement as an essential component of their lives.”

RaincrossLogo1The 25 honorees who were  acknowledge at an event Feb. 21 at the Victoria Club include: Kathy Allavie, Dr. Chuck Beaty, Jane Block, Bob Buster, Jane Carney, Jack Clarke, Jr., Henry Coil, Ron Ellis, Jim Erickson, Tom Evans, Judge John Gabbert, Dr. Larry Geraty, Art Littleworth, Ron Loveridge, Roger Luebs, Rose Mayes, the late Judge Vic Miceli, the late Art Pick, Duane Roberts, Cindy Roth, John Tavaglione, Ofelia Valdez-Yeager, Jennifer Vaughn-Blakely, Timothy White and Jacques Yeager.

In the spirit of  ‘Intelligent Growth‘, The Raincross Group advocates for open and effective city government through the engagement with and development of local and diverse community leadership to improve Riverside’s quality of life. For more information on The Raincross Group, visit their website here.