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Powerful Technology Developed in Riverside to Combat Malaria Receives Research Grant from National Institutes of Health

Grant advances technology to beat back Malaria, West Nile, and other deadly diseases impacting over three billion people.

(source: www.iecorp.co) Olfactor Laboratories, Inc. (OLI) is developing a novel class of spatial, non-insecticidal compounds that manipulate certain blood-feeding insects’ primary mechanism used in locating their prey. Blood-feeding insects such as mosquitoes, which spread Malaria, dengue and filariasis, track their prey through carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in breath using their olfactory neurons (sense of smell).

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 6.57.17 AMThe OLI science team, led by Dr. Michelle Brown, will be using the grant funding to determine which of the CO2 receptor effector molecules in OLI’s proprietary and patent pending portfolio of non-toxic and non-insecticidal compounds best disrupt the host-seeking behavior of mosquitos.

Over 3.3 billion people live in Malaria-affected regions and it remains one of the most deadly mosquito-borne diseases in the world. Stephen Abbott, President of Managed Innovations for Innovation Economy, cited this award as an opportunity to use the unique OLI research facility in Riverside, CA – an indoor mosquito behavior testing lab – to further refine OLI’s products being developed for worldwide distribution.

“It’s a great partnership for a critical technology,” said Abbott. “With technology this powerful, we’re happy to begin a partnership with NIH in advancing our field testing and research. We’re developing products based on our technology, that I believe, will have true global impact. There is nothing more important our company can be doing at this time,” said Dr. Brown.

OlFactor Laboratories in an Innovation Economy Corporation (IEC) company.  With a philosophy of “Doing Good and Doing Well,” IEC’s mission to acquire innovative research, technology, products and services and transform them into high-growth businesses with the potential to enhance the lives of people across the globe furthers Riverside’s postion as a ‘Catalyst for Innovation‘.