Riverside Community Quality of Life Survey

The purpose of the 2013 Riverside Quality of Life Survey was to gather, analyze and share actionable data about the opinions of Riversiders regarding their quality of lifeUsing the results, we aim to set a baseline for long-term measurement of the Seizing Our Destiny vision and spark community-wide engagement that promotes and improves our quality of life.

On June 27, 2013 the full report by the research institution that conducted the Survey was released so that community, civic, elected, neighborhood and faith-based leaders and institutions can use it to help guide their decisions about programs, services and community-building initiatives.

On August 22, the researcher Dr. Barbara Sirotnik, presented the findings to Seizing Our Destiny Champions and invited guests. The following video is the full presentation, which can also be found here, or see below for links to specific portions of the video.

The report, including findings with detailed explanation and analysis, as well as appendices that include additional background and research data tables, can be accessed here; however, a few key details should be noted:

The Riverside Community Quality of Life Survey Measured Perceptions 

The purpose of the Survey was to gather, analyze and share actionable data about the opinions of Riversiders regarding their quality of life, and to spark community-wide engagement for improvements.

Watch the video segment on the goals of the survey, here.

The Phone Survey is a Statistically Valid Snapshot of Riversiders’ Perceptions of Quality of Life 

The Survey was conducted in conjunction with the Institute of Applied Research (IAR) at California State University, San Bernardino and was designed to be a research study measuring a sample of Riversiders that matched Census 2010 demographics, but that also allowed for widespread community input and engagement. Three survey methods were used in order to elicit information from a sample large enough to be analyzed: the phone survey represents a statistically valid random sample of residents; the online and paper surveys recorded opinions of residents and those who work here, and allowed for broader community engagement.

Watch the video segment on the methodology of the survey, here.

What were the key findings?

Overwhelmingly, Riversiders Have Tremendous Pride in their Community 

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Watch the video segment on the survey’s top findings, here.

What else do they feel positive about?

  • Riverside as a Good Place to Raise a Family and Prosper
  • Educational Opportunties and Future for Youth
  • Riverside as a Destination for Affordable Living
  • Riverside as an Active and Healthy Place
  • Vibrant Arts and Culture Opportunities

Watch the video segment on positive findings, here.

What do they feel less positive about?

  • Improving Environment for Riverside Business
  • Generosity Increasing, But Not Enough to Meet Need
  • Neighbors Connected to One Another, But Not Their Neighborhood
  • More Effort Needed to Shift Perceptions About Air and Water Quality

Watch the video segment on the less positive findings, here.

What are they most concerned about?

  • Feeling Safe Overall, But Perception of Safety Varies by Geography and Age
  • More Progress Needed to Address Homelessness
  • Good Jobs Hard to Find
  • Leaders Must Figure Out Effective Communication Methods

Watch the video segment on the most concerned findings, here.

To continue reading more about the survey results, including the supporting data behind each of the above findings, download the full report here. Or view the full video presentation here.

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