Seizing Our Destiny Leadership

The Seizing Our Destiny vision for high quality of life belongs to all Riversiders, our aim is to create a sustainable movement toward our chosen destiny.

Seizing Our Destiny Leadership Core: The Leadership Core consists of five Co-Chairs – the City Manager, Mayor and one representative each from Business, Education and Community. The Co-Chairs were nominated by the Steering Committee in Spring 2012; those with the greatest number of votes were offered and accepted the positions. The primary purpose of the Leadership Core is to act as the executive governance body for Seizing Our Destiny and model the actions of passionate, consistent and effective Champions for the community’s vision.

Co-Chairs (Leadership Core):

  • Mayor Rusty Bailey, City of Riverside
  • City Manager Scott Barber, City of Riverside
  • Business Co-Chair: Cindy Roth, Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce
  • Education Co-Chair: Dr. Rick Miller, Riverside Unified School District
  • Community Co-Chair: Damien O’Farrell, Path of Life Ministries/Pick Group

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Seizing Our Destiny Champions CouncilThe distinct role of Seizing Our Destiny Champions is to be community leaders who commit to be consistent and effective champions of the Seizing Our Destiny vision. They contribute their time, expertise and passion to support the three core functions of Seizing Our Destiny: communicate, connect, and measure.

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Past Seizing Our Destiny Leaders: The Seizing Our Destiny movement would not have the impact or momentum that it does today had it not been for the dedicated, impassioned leadership of key influencers.

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