Movement for Riverside’s Prosperous Future

DT nightThe Seizing Our Destiny Campaign was born in 2009 when civic leaders and City officials came together to imagine a 20-year strategic vision that mobilizes the skills and resources of a broad cross-section of Riversiders toward one common goal – a better community for us all.

The goal, or Vision, has four primary aspects for Riverside: to nurture Intelligent Growth, be a Catalyst for Innovation, be a Location of Choice, and  evolve as a Unified City.

Intelligent Growth

Riverside promotes an outstanding quality of life for all through intelligent growth.
Riverside embraces economic growth and directs it so it maintains and improves our already outstanding quality of life. This includes growing the economy, raising the standard of living and managing a growing population. Our community uses land and repurposes historic structures to provide excellent jobs, support to businesses and steward our heritage and natural beauty. We maximize our position as the gateway to the United States and the world through trade and transportation networks.

Catalyst for Innovation

Riverside catalyzes profound discoveries and creativity in the arts, technology, research and business innovation.

Our community leaders collaborate to address issues, which lead to more inventive and multi-disciplinary approaches. The people and educational institutions of Riverside cultivate and support useful and beneficial ideas, research, products, scholars, businesspeople, artists and entrepreneurs. Creativity and innovation permeate all that we do, which makes our community a trendsetter for the region, California, and the world to follow.

Location of Choice

Riverside is a location of choice and attracts creative, entrepreneurial, dynamic and diverse people as residents, workers, business owners and visitors.

An unmatched landscape, year-round outdoor activities, ample recreational options and attention to healthy living make Riverside one of the most inspiring, livable, healthy and adventurous cities to live in or visit. Our community provides an abundance of opportunities to be amazed, inspired and entertained, including: arts and cultural offerings; well-defined, welcoming neighborhoods; well-paying jobs in strong companies; and diverse education. Our central location means we are within 60 minutes of the beach, snow, Los Angeles and Orange Counties, Palm Springs, apple picking, horseback riding, backpacking, mountain biking and more.

Unified City

Riverside unifies its diverse community to accelerate the common good for the City as a whole.

People are brought together around common interests and concerns, while the unique character of Riverside’s neighborhoods and diverse communities are celebrated and valued. We are a caring community that has compassion for all of its inhabitants, and engages with one another for a better life for all. The long-standing diversity of the City provides a comfortable home for people from all backgrounds, cultures and interests – Riverside is a city for everyone and by everyone. Riversiders respect and value the cultural heritage, distinct needs and varied input of each of our neighbors, while proactively engaging them across historical dividing lines.

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is a city that honors and builds on its assets to become known as a location of choice that catalyzes innovation in all forms, enjoys a high quality of life and is unified in pursuing the common good.