How We’ll Get There

In the Spring of 2012, the leaders of Seizing Our Destiny evaluated the first two years of the campaign and undertook planning for Seizing Our Destiny 2.0. The steering committee determined that 2.0 needed to do two things:

    1. Increase the presence and participation of the private sector, including local business, education, nonprofit and community leaders; and
    2. Streamline the structure of Seizing Our Destiny to ensure maximum flexibility and responsiveness to community needs and concerns.

The planning group recommended the following changes and the steering committee approved them in May 2012:

Create a Leadership Core: The Core will be composed of five people – the current Mayor of Riverside, City Manager of Riverside, and a representative each from Business, Education and Community. The group will function like the executive committee of a nonprofit organization, meeting monthly and making decisions about allocations of resources, time and energy of Seizing Our Destiny volunteers.

 Convene a Champions Council: The Council will be composed of 40 people which includes members of the original steering committee and other key leaders throughout the community who represent the needs and concerns of all Riversiders.

 Establish Three Work Groups: The work groups will focus on the three key functions of Seizing Our Destiny – Communicating and telling Riverside’s story, Connecting Riversiders, and Measuring our progress toward greater quality of life.

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