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CBU Cheer Wins Fourth Straight National Championship

(This article contains excerpts from the article written by Sammi Sheppard and published in Lancers News on April 4, 2016.)

Photo Credit: CBU Lancers
Photo Credit: CBU Lancers

California Baptist University made history last year by becoming the first All-Girls Division II cheerleading team to win its third-straight National Cheerleaders Association Championship title. Friday afternoon got the job done once again to grab their fourth consecutive crown, becoming the first Division II program (coed or all-girl) to do so.

“This team has worked extremely hard and we have told them all year long that the work is worth it,” said Coach Tami Fleming. “Today they proved that. What an honor to make history by winning our fourth national title. I am so proud.”

CBU finished with 95.08 points, but had a few deductions to drop its final score down to 92.33. Columbus State put in a strong finals performance and only had a 0.75-point deduction to move up from third place in the prelims to second place, while Oklahoma Baptist took third overall.

“We did have a few mistakes in our routine today, but despite those moments, the team worked together as a family and overcame the struggles,” said Fleming. “That’s what happens when teammates truly trust each other. We are proud to be Lancers!”

CBU was the last All-Girl Division II squad to compete after scoring the highest in Thursday’s prelims, saving the best for last.

All six squads in the finale finished with the maximum 10 points of their 45 second game-day cheer and collegiate image. From there on, however, the Lancers took the top points in the remaining eight categories, including a 9.70 in baskets and two 9.58’s in tumbling and choreography. CBU was the only team to get more than nine points in the overall effect category, which eventually led it to be the only team with over 90 total points after the two days.

The win also keeps CBU’s unbeaten streak, dating back to the 2013 season, very much alive.

Winning competitions like this help CBU and Riverside become a location of choice for students seeking a great education and highly competitive athletics program.

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Lincoln High Declared Model Continuation School By State Superintendent

(This article contains excerpts from the article published in RUSD News on March 30, 2016.)

Photo Credit: RUSD News
Photo Credit: RUSD News

California State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Torlakson has declared RUSD’s Abraham Lincoln High School a “Model Continuation School”. According to a California Department of Education press release, Lincoln High was recognized for its “innovative teaching approaches that enable students with diverse needs to complete their high school education.”

“This is big and we could not be more pleased,” said Superintendent of Riverside Unified School District (RUSD), Dr. David Hansen. “While we have seen firsthand our efforts to help at-risk students graduate, to be one of only 37 schools statewide to receive this prestigious designation is a great indication that what we are doing here in Riverside is being recognized in Sacramento as pioneering.”

Lincoln is a school for students 16 years or older at risk of not graduating from high school. School attendance is compulsory and students benefit from a wide range of programs and services, including study courses, career counseling, job placement and apprenticeships.

“We are overjoyed to see all the hard work on the part of our teachers and staff is being recognized by the state’s top education official,” said Lincoln’s Principal Dr. Pamela Mshana. “But it is our students who are especially grateful, knowing that they are not being left behind. That we are doing everything we can to ensure their future success.”

The “Model Continuation School” designation lasts for a period of three years, with the school required to file an Annual Assurance of Services Form for the second and third years of designation. Lincoln will be recognized at the 2016 California Continuation Education Association (CCEA) State Conference, April 29–May 1 held in Riverside.y grateful, knowing that they are not being left behind. That we are doing everything we can to ensure their future success.”

Representing Seizing Our Destiny’s location of choice pillar, Lincoln High demonstrates what makes Riverside a location of choice for families seeking the best education.

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Five Students Qualify For The National SkillsUSA Competition

(This article contains excerpts from the article published in Riverside City College Campus News on April 7, 2016.)

Photo Credit: Riverside City College
Photo Credit: Riverside City College
Five Riverside City College students have qualified for the 52nd Annual National Leadership and Skill Conference in Louisville, KY June 21-24. At the state SkillsUSA competition, which was held at the Town and Country Resort and Convention Center in San Diego, RCC students captured five gold and two silver medals. Students capturing gold medals advance to the national competition.

      Students advancing to the national competition are: Emily Riddell (advertising design); Martin Alvarez (auto service technology); Cassandra Caldwell (photography); and Mason Rosenquist and Ariel Cornejo (3D animation). Silver award winners include: Roza Keshvari (advertising design) and Megan Moore (graphics imaging sublimation).

The SkillsUSA Championships in Kentucky are competitive events, showcasing the best career and technical education students in the nation. The event, which is held at the Kentucky Events Center, occupies a space equivalent to 16 football fields. Last year saw more than 6,000 contestants compete in 100 events. Nearly 1,500 judges and contest organizers from labor and management make the national event possible.

SkillsUSA is the largest demonstration career annual competition in the nation. Over 300,000 high school and college-level students participate in regional, state and national competitions each year. The philosophy of the national competition is to reward students for excellence, to involve industry in directly evaluating student performance, and to keep training relevant to employers’ needs.

At the state competition students also participated in various events: orientations, vocational workshops, mock interviews, portfolio reviews, and career-specific competitions. Some students competed as individuals while others competed as a team. Soft skills also played an integral part of SkillsUSA competitions; our CTE students excelled in time management, punctuality, dress code adherence and teamwork. Overall the team exhibited an exemplary level of professionalism, said Patrick Sullivan, associate professor, Applied Digital Media director.

“SkillsUSA offers not only recognition of your abilities, but the also the chance to make invaluable connections with industry professionals and fellow students,” said Riddell.
RCC’s outstanding scholastic achievements makes Riverside a location of choice for students seeking a great education at an affordable price.

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Three UCR Scholars Win Guggenheim Fellowships

(This article contains excerpts from  the article written by Bettye Miller and published in UCR Today on April 6, 2016.)

Photo Credit: UCR Today
Photo Credit: UCR Today

A novelist, a poet and an evolutionary biologist from the University of California, Riverside have been awarded prestigious Guggenheim Fellowships. They are Laila Lalami, professor of creative writing; Fred Moten, professor of English and poetry; and David Reznick, distinguished professor of biology.

The John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation awarded 175 Guggenheim Fellowships (including three joint fellowships) today to a diverse group of 178 scholars, artists, and scientists from a group of nearly 3,000 applicants. The fellowships are awarded “on the basis of prior achievement and exceptional promise,” the foundation said in announcing the recipients in New York City. This year marks the 92nd year of competition for the awards.

“These artists and writers, scholars and scientists, represent the best of the best,” Edward Hirsch, president of the foundation, said in a statement. “Each year since 1925, the Guggenheim Foundation has bet everything on the individual, and we’re thrilled to continue to do so with this wonderfully talented and diverse group. It’s an honor to be able to support these individuals to do the work they were meant to do.”

Each of the three UC Riverside recipients will receive a $50,000 award to support their research.

Laila Lalami, professor of creative writing, was a finalist in 2015 for the Pulitzer Prize in Fiction for her novel “The Moor’s Account” (Pantheon, 2014). The work of historical fiction  – the imagined memoirs of the first black explorer of America, a Moroccan slave whose testimony was left out of the official record of the 1527 expedition of Spanish conquistador Pánfilo de Narváez – has won many additional awards, among them the Zora Neale Hurston/Richard Wright Legacy Award for Fiction, an American Book Award from the Before Columbus Foundation, and was a co-winner of the Arab American Book Award for Fiction. It also was shortlisted for Italy’s The Bridge Book Award, and longlisted for the Man Booker Prize and Dublin International Literary Award. She is a regular columnist for The Nation. A recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship and a Lannan Foundation Residency fellowship, last week she was named a Los Angeles Times Critic at Large. The Guggenheim Fellowship will support work on her novel, which is currently titled “The King of All Things.”

Fred Moten, professor of English, is a finalist for the Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award – which honors a poet at mid-career – for his poetry collection “The Little Edges” (Wesleyan University Press, 2014), and was a finalist for the 2014 National Book Award in Poetry and the 2014 Los Angeles Times Book Prize for poetry for another collection, “The Feel Trio” (Letter Machine Editions). He was recognized as one of 10 New American Poets by the Poetry Society of America, and is co-founder and co-publisher of a small literary press called Three Count Pour. The Guggenheim Fellowship will support a literary criticism project, “Hesitant Sociology: Blackness and Poetry.” “I’m trying to show that the logic of poetry, at the level of form and content, is a social logic; and that the theory of blackness, which is given and constantly enriched in social practice, is absolutely necessary for understanding, and for feeling, and for enacting that logic,” he explained.

David Reznick, distinguished professor of biology, is an evolutionary biologist whose groundbreaking research found that an individual’s response to environmental conditions may predict evolutionary changes in future generations. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences whose research has been supported by numerous grants from the National Science Foundation. He is the recipient of the E. O. Wilson Prize and is the author of “The Origin Then and Now: An Interpretive Guide to the Origin of Species” (Princeton University Press, 2009). The Guggenheim Fellowship will support his research project, “The Causes and Consequences of Contemporary Evolution.” Specifically, he said, the award will enable him to spend a year at Oxford University “developing some new quantitative skills and writing papers about the unheralded paradigm shift that has happened in our thinking about evolution. It used to be thought of as a historical process, meaning that it was too slow to see in action, so we learned about it from its footprints. It is now viewed as a contemporary process that can be studied in real time, but is also active in real time.”

Since its establishment in 1925, the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation has granted more than $334 million in fellowships to over 18,000 individuals, among whom are scores of Nobel laureates, Fields Medalists, Turing Award winners, poets laureate, members of the various national academies, winners of the Pulitzer Prize, and other important, internationally recognized honors.

This year’s recipients represent 50 scholarly disciplines and artistic fields, 71 academic institutions, 27 states and the District of Columbia, and two Canadian provinces. They range in age from 31 to 84.

According to the foundation, the Guggenheim Fellowship program remains an important source of support for artists, scholars in the humanities and social sciences, and scientific researchers. The foundation was established by U.S. Sen. Simon Guggenheim and his wife, Olga, as a memorial to a son who died April 26, 1922.

Representing Seizing Our Destiny’s location of choice pillar, UCR provides a great education at an affordable price.

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California Air Resources Board Chooses Riverside For $366 Million Facility

(This article contains excerpts from the article written by Sarah Nightingale and published in UCR Today on March 24, 2016.)

Photo Credit: UCR Today
Photo Credit: UCR Today

The California Air Resources Board voted 8-3 today to relocate its motor vehicle and engine emissions testing and research facility from El Monte to an 18-acre site at the University of California, Riverside, which represents a $366 million investment into the community and 400 knowledge-based jobs in the Inland Empire.

The board chose Riverside after deciding that land owned by the University of California on Iowa Avenue near Martin Luther King Boulevard would provide the best opportunity for growth in the coming decades and for collaboration with world-class air quality research already underway at UC Riverside.

“Today’s decision is great news for UC Riverside, the city and county, and it is great news for the people of California,” said UCR Chancellor Kim A. Wilcox, who attended the board meeting in Sacramento. “This facility will bring together two world-class institutions working in air quality and emissions science and promises to create a whole range of synergies that simply wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Building this new facility in Riverside now positions our region to become the global capital for air quality research. With construction slated to begin next year, planning has already begun to ensure a smooth transition and, most importantly, accommodate the needs of Air Resources Board employees.”

Riverside has increasingly become the ‘location of choice‘ for organizations seeking affordable land and a educated workforce.

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Riverside In Top Ten In New Job Openings

(This article contains excerpts from an article written by Anne Fisher and published in on February 9, 2016.)

The 10 American Cities With the Most New Job Openings

According to, despite January’s hiccup in hiring, the economy has been steadily generating jobs at an annual rate of about 2%. But some cities outpaced the rest of the nation over the past 12 months, while others lagged behind. Dallas, for instance, came out on top in a new study of the 150 biggest metropolitan areas by CareerBuilder and its data analytics arm EMSI. The Big D’s 112,829 new jobs beat out even San Jose, Calif., which came in second place at 39,519 new jobs.

Coming in at #9, Riverside, California continues to shine as a leader in economic recovery in Inland Southern California.

Meanwhile, job growth in the oil and gas industry stalled out in some places more sharply than others. Tulsa, Oklahoma, for instance, added 2,295 jobs since last January. That was about 9,000 fewer than it would have gained if local hiring had matched the national rate. But it still outpaced last place-ranked Lafayette, La., another oil hub, which lost 2,100 jobs.

In all, new hiring in 27 of the largest U.S. cities outperformed the national average. The top 10, and the number of positions they created:
  1. Dallas 112,829
  2. San Jose 60,716
  3. Los Angeles 159,477
  4. Seattle 78,082
  5. Miami 81,842
  6. Atlanta 81,161
  7. Orlando 50,384
  8. San Francisco 69,967
  9. Riverside, Ca. 50,511
  10. Charlotte, N.C. 41,390

Job seekers in the bottom 10 cities in CareerBuilder’s study, by contrast, faced relatively slim pickings. “Even though major metros like New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia each added more than 30,000 jobs, they trailed behind national growth trends,” notes Matt Ferguson, CareerBuilder’s CEO. So did St. Louis, Richmond, and Cleveland, while the number of job openings in New Orleans actually shrank by 2,491, due mostly to the oil and gas slowdown.

Just another example of how Riverside, California is leading the way as a location of choice.

Apart from what it says about the most and least promising places to look for work, Ferguson sees the research as a snapshot of different regions’ overall economic health. “At its core, the study measures employer confidence,” he says. “If companies are adding jobs at a faster rate in certain markets, that bodes well for housing and consumer spending in those local economies.” He expects the top 10 job markets to show above-average growth through the rest of 2016.

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UC Riverside Student Selected As A Gates Cambridge Scholar

(This article contains excerpts from the  article written by Mojgan Sherkat and published in the UCR Today on February 8, 2016.)

Connor Richards
Connor Richards

Connor Richards, a fourth-year physics major at the University of California, Riverside, has been awarded the Gates Cambridge Scholarship, one of the most prestigious international scholarships in the world.

“This is the most prestigious award for graduate study that any UCR undergraduate has ever won, and it is a great tribute to Connor that he has earned this distinction,” said Steven Brint, vice provost of undergraduate education.

Richards is one of about 40 American students who received the Gates Cambridge Scholarship, and he is the first UC Riverside student to be granted the award. He will read for a Master of Advanced Study in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at the University of Cambridge. He said receiving the scholarship is a humbling honor, and represents a tremendous opportunity in terms of professional and personal growth.

“This award is really recognition of the work that UCR has put into preparing me over the last four years,” Richards explained. “I received support whenever and wherever it was required. I cannot begin to properly thank all of the departments and programs, and the people who have worked tirelessly to make this happen. But, I would be remiss if I did not specifically acknowledge Professor Owen Long, who has served as my research advisor since my freshman year, and Gladis Herrera-Berkowitz, with whom I have been working to prepare to apply for these awards since my freshman year.”

Representing Seizing Our Destiny’s location of choice pillar, UCR provides a great education at an affordable price.

Richards has already received admission to top Ph.D. programs, including fellowship offers at Caltech and Cornell. He will attend Cambridge during the 2016-17 academic year, and hopes to pursue a Ph.D. in experimental high-energy physics at Princeton in fall 2017.

Since coming to UCR, Richards has won the Strauss scholarship, a public service scholarship given to university students in California, and the Goldwater scholarship, which encourages outstanding students to pursue careers in mathematics, the natural sciences, or engineering and to foster excellence in those fields.  He was named a finalist for the Marshall Scholarship, and spearheaded a project to mentor and encourage high school students interested in pursuing STEM careers. He is also active in the University Honors program and currently serves as president of the CNAS Science Ambassador program.

His latest accomplishment adds to the outstanding year of achievement for UCR undergraduates at the highest level, according to Brint. UCR undergraduates have won two Goldwater scholarships, three Strauss scholarships, three Coro fellowships, and three Howard Hughes Medical Institute Extraordinary Research Opportunities Scholarships. Several Fulbright finalists are still waiting to hear about their awards.

“Based on what I know, our record in the area of prestigious scholarships and awards is stronger than that of any UC campus. Connor and these other outstanding students make us all proud,” Brint explained.

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship program was established in October 2000, after the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donated $210 million to the University of Cambridge – the largest single donation to a United Kingdom university. Scholarships are awarded to outstanding applicants from all over the world who want to pursue a full-time postgraduate degree at the University of Cambridge. Applicants are selected on the basis of showing intellectual ability, leadership potential, and a commitment to improving the lives of others.

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Nine Students Qualify For Skills USA State Competition

(This article contains excerpts from the article published in RCC Campus News on February 4, 2016.)

Photo Credit: Skills USA
Photo Credit: Skills USA

Nine Riverside City College students qualified for the 49th Annual State SkillsUSA Competition in March.

SkillsUSA is the largest demonstration career annual competition in the nation. Over 300,000 high school and college-level students participate in the regional, state and national competitions each year.

Last weekend’s regional competition, which was held at San Bernardino Valley College, Universal Technical Institute and Riverside City College, saw it largest contingent of Career Technical Education (CTE) competitors.

“The CTE faculty are proud to have a number of students from disciplines such as Auto Technology, Photography and Graphic Communications representing RCC in this year’s competition,” Patrick Scullin, associate professor, Applied Digital Media, said. “These students put in a lot of work practicing and training for their events. We are pleased that so many of our students are eligible to compete at the state level this spring in San Diego.”

In addition to competing in a variety of technical fields, students also get to network and practice job application skills by completing a resume and participating in job interviews with industry representatives.

Below is a list of students, who medaled at the regional competition and advances to the state competition:

Gold – Cassandra Caldwell (State Eligible)

3D Animation:
Gold – Mason Rosenquist & Ariel Cornejo (State Eligible)

Graphics Imaging Sublimation:
Gold – Megan Moore (State Eligible)

Advertising Design:
Gold – Emily Riddell (State Eligible)
Silver – Roza Keshvari (State Eligible)
Bronze – Tiffany Vang

Graphic Communications:
Gold – Kristina LoVerso (State Eligible)
Silver – Daniel Gonzalez (State Eligible)

Auto Service Technology:
Gold – Martin Alvarez (State Eligible)
Silver – Jesse Hernandez

RCC’s outstanding scholastic achievements makes Riverside a location of choice for students seeking a great education at an affordable price.

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Five UCR Professors Among Most Influential Scientists In Their Fields

(This article contains excerpts written by Jeanette Marantos and published in UCR Today on January 29, 2016.)

Photo Credit: UCR Today
Photo Credit: UCR Today

Five UCR professors are among the 165 UC faculty named as the most influential scientists in their fields in 2015, a number unmatched by any other university in the world, according to an analysis by Thomson Reuters.

The UC system led the 2015 Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researchers list, which named more than 3,000 scientists from around the globe whose work was in the top 1 percent of most referenced research in academic journals from 2003 to 2013.

The purpose of the Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researchers List is to identify contemporary authors whose research has significantly influenced others in their field.

“Undeniably, Highly Cited Researchers have demonstrated that their work is central to current, ongoing research across the range of scholarly and scientific advancement and that they are the ones to watch,” Thomson Reuters said in its story about the rankings. 

Once again UCR is demonstrating what makes it a location of choice for students from all around the globe.

The UCR professors named in the UC’s Highly Cited Researchers list are:

  • Julia Bailey-Serres, professor of genetics and geneticist
  • Alexander Balandin, UC Presidential Chair Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, founding chair of the Materials Science and Engineering Program in BCOE and director of the Nano-Device Laboratory
  • Wei Ren, professor of electrical and computer engineering
  • Charles E. Wyman, distinguished professor of chemical and environmental engineering and the Ford Motor Company Chair in Environmental Engineering
  • Yadong Yin, professor of chemistry and principal investigator of the Yin Group, whose research is focused on properties and formation of nanostructures

Read more about the UC’s ranking here.  The entire Thomson Reuters article and rankings can be found here.

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CBU Flight School Earns Significant Certification

(This article contains excerpts from the article published in CBU News & Events on January 15, 2015.)

Dr. Daniel Prather (left), chair of CBU’s aviation program, receives a Part 141 Air Agency Certification from Keith Frable, manager of the Federal Aviation Administration Riverside Flight Standard District Office on Jan. 15. Photo Credit: CBU News & Events
Dr. Daniel Prather (left), chair of CBU’s aviation program, receives a Part 141 Air Agency Certification from Keith Frable, manager of the Federal Aviation Administration Riverside Flight Standard District Office on Jan. 15. Photo Credit: CBU News & Events

The Aviation Science program at California Baptist University received one of the highest certifications from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). A representative from the FAA Riverside Flight Standard District Office (FSDO) was on hand at the Flight Operation Center to present the Part 141 Air Agency Certification to CBU on Jan. 15.

“To California Baptist University’s credit you’ve managed to obtain this certificate within a short time frame,” said Keith Frable, manager of Riverside’s (FSDO). “This is a great step forward for the university and students are very fortunate to be here.”

Marie LeBlanc, chief flight instructor at CBU, said there are several benefits to obtaining this certification. Having an FAA approved Part 141 program allows CBU to admit veterans and international students into the program with fewer admission obstacles. Additionally, CBU may apply for further FAA approvals that would reduce required flight hours for students to become an airline pilot.

To receive the certification CBU had to pass various Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations and inspections. Additionally, to retain the certification CBU must continuously meet standards specified by the FAA in categories such as equipment, facilities, personnel and curriculum.

The CBU Aviation Science program currently offers three undergraduate majors and plans to add two more next fall. The inaugural class opened in fall of 2013. This semester there are more than 70 students in the program with enrollment expected to increase to 100 in the fall 2016 semester, said Dr. Daniel Prather, chair of the aviation program.

This certification  helps make CBU and Riverside a ‘location of choice‘ for students seeking a great aviation program.

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