About Us

Seizing Our Destiny is the Movement for Riverside’s Prosperous Future.

Prosperous Future

Since 2009, community, business and civic leaders have been working together to create an even better quality of life in our community and tell Riverside’s story. The structure of Seizing Our Destiny has evolved over time but the message and goals of this effort has remained the same:

OUR VISION: Riverside, California is a city that honors and builds on its assets to become known as a location of choice that catalyzes innovation in all forms, enjoys a high quality of life and is unified in pursuing the common good.

OUR MISSION: Seizing Our Destiny is creating a prosperous future for Riverside, California, through a shared commitment of community, business and civic leaders working together to creatively tackle local issues, implement innovative solutions, and promote Riverside success stories. We ensure that Riverside remains a place attractive to dynamic and diverse families, businesses, students and visitors.

What are you, your business, or the organizations you participate in doing – or willing to do – to help Riverside continue to prosper? Share your story with us!