Sub Station Celebrates 40 Years Serving UCR and the Surrounding Community

Reproduced courtesy of the Press Enterprise:

Sub Station is celebrating 40 years of serving UC Riverside and the surrounding community.

In honor of the anniversary for people who buy a sandwich at 2012 prices, owner Richard Munio will roll back prices to 1972 – “the days when you could just hand us four quarters” — for a second one.

For a large Big Dude, the Sub Station’s signature sandwich, the difference would be $9.45 now compared with $1.60 then.

“A drink was 15 cents, a chip was 15 cents,” Munio said during an interview in the Sub Station’s party room. “We have to remember that gas was 32 cents and you could buy a new Volkswagen for 2,000 bucks. Our employees were getting about a buck five, a dollar 10 an hour. If they were doing a really good job they made a buck and a quarter.”

Munio is a New Jersey native who went to college in Colorado and Chico State and served Vietnam before winding up in Riverside.

He first opened the Sub Station with a partner on campus in February, 1972, and moved to the Bannockburn commercial complex on Canyon Crest Drive the following year.

Except for prices, not much has changed, according to Munio.

“We’ve added five sandwiches in 40 years. Whatever I knew then, I’m surprised that I can’t change it, modify it, improve it. I’m often astounded that whatever I did at age 25 still works today.”

Sandwiches still come wrapped with carrot sticks and peppers in waxed butcher paper. They are made with “semi-crunchy, chewy rolls” from a Garden Grove bakery that uses a 1950s recipe and the “secret sauce,” an oil and vinegar dressing.

“I have an attention to detail,” Munio said. “Everything in here was hand-made by me in 1972. The tables we’re sitting at – but they certainly don’t look like they’re 40 years old. Everything is 40 years old. Those patio tables, we just refinished them two weeks ago. We teach the employees to paint them and refurbish everything.”

The walls of Sub Station are filled with photo montages of his employees, “Subbers.” Images over the years show smiling college kids at work in the store, at parties or on beach trips. Munio credits much of his success to them.

“The Sub Station is as much about people as food,” he said. “I’ve got great staff. We do a lot of team functions and bonding events with our crew.”

A combination of challenging responsibilities and rewards gives him a high retention rate, he said.

“We try to get them as freshmen and sophomores and keep them for three years so we don’t have to retrain. They get to have a personal relationship with our customers. When they walk in, they can tell the guy (wants) a turkey and cheese plain, no mustard, and that’s it.”

He expects many of them to return for a mini-reunion this weekend, some coming in groups from places such as San Diego.

Customers and former employees who contacted The Press-Enterprise via e-mail affirm what Munio says.

“It is almost miraculous that a small sandwich shop can weather the tough business climate for 40 years,” said Andy Leeka, who Munio said was his first male employee in 1972 and is now president and CEO of Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles. “During the four decades, Richard has supported numerous community events, including donating meals to UCR events, and been successful due to a loyal following.”

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Small businesses like Sub Station are what contribute to Riverside’s small town feel and local business owners are especially important because they play a vital role in collaborating to build community.

March for Meals Campaign Raises Awareness of Senior Hunger In Riverside

Reproduced courtesy of the Press Enterprise:

Riverside Meals on Wheels Inc. recently announced that it will participate in the national 2012 March for Meals campaign. Riverside Meals on Wheels’ March for Meals campaign will help to raise awareness of the problem of senior hunger in Riverside, recruit volunteers for meal delivery, and raise funds for the local meal program.

“During these rough economic times, the food and human contact we provide to seniors in our community is needed more than ever,” said Debbie Keller, executive director of Riverside Meals on Wheels. “We need the community to come out and support our March for Meals events. Our clients are counting on us. We can’t let them down.”

Riverside Meals on Wheels is seeking sponsors for the 2012 March for Meals campaign. Sponsorships are open to individuals, restaurants, businesses, service organizations, and other community groups.

One of the highlights of the monthlong campaign is Mayors and City Council Members for Meals Day on March 21. On that day, local dignitaries will join other elected officials from across the United States in delivering meals to seniors in their local communities.

Participants will gather March 21 at the two food depot locations for Riverside Meals on Wheels — First United Methodist Church at 4845 Brockton Ave., and the Cal Baptist University Alumni Dining Commons loading dock at 8432 Magnolia Ave.

For more information, call (951) 683-7151 or visit the website by clicking here.

Riverside Meals on Wheels plays an important role in unifying the city around the shared common good and the “March for Meals” campaign is the perfect opportunity for Riverside residents to join together in support of local issues and philanthropic activities

RUSD Science Fair Inspires Students Through Hands-On Competition

Reproduced from the Press Enterprise:

Hundreds of students from kindergarten through 12th grade in 33 local schools demonstrated Feb. 9 that they are budding scientists and engineers when they presented more than 300 projects at the 23rd annual Science and Engineering Fair at UC Riverside.

The students from the Riverside Unified School District explored a variety of intriguing questions in their poster presentations, such as: What are you really eating when you’re eating chicken? Do different types of wood produce the same heat when burned? Do twins have similar fingerprints? How does sleep affect your memory? Does your eye color matter?

UCR’s College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences and the Bourns College of Engineering co-hosted the hands-on competition designed to capture the interest of young people. In past years, the fair inspired students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

“It’s a great pleasure to co-host the RUSD Science Fair each year,” said Marylynn V. Yates, the dean of college of sciences. “Our faculty and graduate students enjoy judging the projects, and everybody enjoys talking to the RUSD students and hearing how much enthusiasm they have for their projects and for science. It’s just a wonderful experience for everyone.”

According to Carlos Gonzalez, the director of the Mathematics, Engineering, Science, Achievement School Program in the college of engineering, the fair brings together the best science fair projects from throughout RUSD.

“It is a tremendous opportunity for students to directly interact with research scientists and engineers currently engaged in their own projects and studies,” he said. “It affords our faculty the opportunity to help nurture the researchers of tomorrow, as they begin their own educational journeys. For UCR, it is a chance to showcase the university to the best and brightest students in Riverside, and to take center stage in a major community event.”

Several awards sponsored by the engineering and sciences colleges were handed out to the students at a ceremony on the UCR campus. The gold medal winners in grades four and five, gold medal winners in grades six through eight, and gold and silver medal winners in grades nine through 12 will now compete in San Bernardino in April at the next level: the 30th Inland Science and Engineering Fair, an annual competition of science projects designed, developed and displayed by elementary and secondary students from schools in Riverside, Inyo, Mono and San Bernardino counties.

The senior division sweepstakes award went to Nicole Peurifoy and Mahnoor Rahman, of King High School, for “Carbon Sequestration by Conversion of Recycled Concrete to Calcium Carbonate.”

The junior division sweepstakes award was won by Morgan Su, of Riverside STEM Academy, for “Spinosad as a Mosquito Larvicide: Factors Affecting Efficiency.”

The elementary division sweepstakes award was claimed by Isabella Sharp, of Victoria Elementary, for “How to Make an Ice Pack.”

The partnership between RUSD and UCR to host the annual science fair provides an opportunity for students to become inspired to pursue careers in the STEM field through their direct interaction with researchers and engineers. The fair also creates an environment that promotes lifelong learning and a college-going culture.
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Completion Counts Continues to Provide New Opportunities for Riverside Students

Completion Counts Works to Build a “College-Minded Culture” in Riverside

This goal is accomplished by:

  • Ensuring students graduate high school ready for college and career thereby reducing the need for “catch up” or remedial courses;
  • Fostering postsecondary “college” completion as the standard for educational attainment for all youth in the city;
  • Increasing capacity to share and use data to drive change and publically report progress;
  • Improving curriculum alignment between high school and colleges and coordinating the city’s network of support services;
  • Promoting completion of college degrees and certificates so 16 to 26 year olds will have the skills they need to be of value in the marketplace

Completion Counts is Giving a Personalized Education Plan for RUSD, AUSD and RCC Students

Completion Counts is now providing AUSD and RUSD high school students (and soon, RCC students) with 24/7 access to Career Cruising. Career Cruising is a web-based program that gives students a personalized career interest inventory, college information that matches their interests, financial aid information, and a personalized four-year education plan of courses to take. This program is extremely beneficial to students to begin planning for their long-term education and career goals.

Completion Counts Works with RCC to Recognize High School Test Scores for RUSD and AUSD Students

Completion Counts has worked with RCCD  to ensure that their faculty and administrators recognize the Math and English test scores that junior high school students receive from the Early Assessment Program (required placement test for the California State University system).  This is good news for RUSD and AUSD students because:

  • They will now be guaranteed a seat in a credit-bearing English and math course at RCCD.
  • They can avoid investing time and money in college remediation courses that do not count toward a degree.

Renowned Artist Joanna Mersereau at Walter’s Automotive Group Showroom

Reproduced courtesy of the Riverside Art Museum ARTbytes:

The Riverside Art Museum in partnership with Walter’s Automotive Group is proud to present the works of professional watercolor artist, Joanna Mersereau, at the Walter’s Automotive Group showroom til April 24, 2012. Mersereau is the second artist (the first was Paulden Evans) to be exhibited there as part of our Arts and Innovation Artist Exhibition Program.

Using a personal mixture of creativity and imagination, Mersereau’s work uniquely captures bright, vivid images of natural and urban landscapes. Perceiving art as an ongoing journey, Mersereau presents her work as “Narrative Structuralism” in which shapes, structure, and perspective come together to express the power of color and design found within one’s surroundings.

Earning a degree in Industrial Design from the University of Illinois, Joanna Mersereau has adapted her design and artistic skills to produce a variety of works that encompass the beauty of natural and unnatural structure. Inspired by travel and movement, her artwork varies in themes from capturing the foreign landscapes of Italy, France, and Spain to the local terrain of California Mountains, beaches, and metropolitan spaces.

As one of the founders of Watercolor West and a signature member of the American Watercolor Society, Mersereau is proclaimed as the epitome of excellence in the water media world. Mersereau’s style is inspired by post-impressionist artists such as Diego Rivera, Van Gogh, and Cezanne, essentially creating semi-abstractionist paintings entwined with the unique ebb and detail of watercolor. Her art can be found in the permanent collections of many museums as well as in the hands of numerous collectors.

Please contact Kathryn Poindexter at the Riverside Art Museum at (951)
684-7111 ext. 307 or for purchase

The Arts and Innovation Artist Exhibition Program at the Walter’s Auto Group  showroom is a creative way to combine art and industry. Riverside is a community rich in arts and culture and Walter’s Auto Group is furthering this message with their Exhibition Program. 

Kaiser Permanente Awards $1 Million Grant to Improve Health in Riverside’s Eastside

Over the next several years, Riverside County health officials will be using a $1 million grant from Kaiser Permanente to promote healthy eating and active living in the Riverside community of 17,500 residents. The three-year HEAL (Healthy Eating Active Living) Zone grant is one of six awarded by Kaiser throughout Southern California.

“The goal is to promote a lifestyle change that will make a difference to Eastside residents,” said Susan Harrington, director of the Riverside County Department of Public Health, which was awarded the grant on behalf of the Riverside County Health Coalition. “It is not just a physical change in the environment, but a change in the mindset that makes people consider their health when selecting a snack, buying some groceries or choosing whether to walk to the store or park instead of taking a vehicle.”

According to health officials, 58 percent of adults and 24 percent of Eastside teens are considered overweight or obese. Like other Riverside County residents, many of those living in the Eastside do not walk for transportation, leisure or exercise.

The goal of the program is to improve eating habits of both adults and children by providing residents healthier options, including the creation of a farmer’s market, and educating them about the benefits of healthy foods.  Improvements could also be made at local park sites to make them more attractive to residents so they could be more physically active.

Over the next few months, officials will be meeting with Eastside residents to get their input. Some Eastside residents have already been involved in the planning through the health coalition, which is made up of public agencies, private foundations and community groups working together to improve health.

In addition to Riverside, Kaiser Permanente selected five other Southern California communities to receive $1 million HEAL Zone grants: Ontario in San Bernardino County, Anaheim in Orange County, Long Beach in Los Angeles County, Lemon grove in San Diego County, and Ventura in Ventura County. In addition to the six HEAL Zone awards, Kaiser Permanente will dedicate additional funding for technical and evaluation support as well as other Southern California place-based community investments over the next three years.

The Healthy Eating Active Living program started in 2004 as a way to address obesity and other health related conditions.

“Since the inception of our HEAL program we saw increased physical activity, greater availability of healthy food in corner stores, improvement of our local parks and creation of safe walkways. We also learned that going forward, we could make a greater impact by concentrating our efforts in smaller, more targeted areas,” said Benjamin Chu, MD, MPH, MACP, group president for Kaiser Permanente Southern California and Kaiser Permanente Hawaii.

“For Kaiser Permanente, the HEAL Zones are much more than just funding. They are an extension of the work in our medical centers, and our commitment to helping create healthy individuals and healthy communities.”

The HEAL Zone grant will offer a healthy lifestyle change based around integrated health, fitness, and community investments to improve the overall wellness of the Eastside community.

Riverside City College Opens School of Nursing & Math and Sciences Complex

Officials from Riverside City College, construction manager Balfour Beatty Construction, community leaders and students gathered today to mark the completion of the College’s new School of Nursing & Math and Science Complex. The 132,000-SF facility provides additional educational space for the nursing, math and science programs at the existing campus.

The $61.1-million state-of-the-art complex is seeking LEED® certification. The facility includes a 37,000-SF two-story northwest wing which will accommodate the nursing program, including a virtual hospital suite equipped with Human Patient Simulators that can provide training experiences in areas including childbirth, heart attacks, and strokes. This wing also includes clinical skills lecture suites, lecture halls, 22 classrooms, a teleconference room as well as student and faculty lounges and faculty offices.

The 95,000-SF four-story southeast wing houses the math and science programs and features lecture halls; support offices; organic, biology, and chemistry laboratories; and study spaces. The project also includes the construction of a central plant that provides site utilities, mechanical and electrical equipment and controls, as well as chilled water for air conditioning to the complex.

“Two of the exciting aspects of this project  are that it brings state-of-the-art technology into the classrooms and laboratories, and opens up more opportunities for all students,” said Riverside City College President Cynthia Azari.  “Nursing students will train on the same generation of equipments used in the workplace. General science students will work in sophisticated and expanded laboratories for chemistry, mathematics, physical sciences, and life sciences.  The new facilities also will offer current professionals opportunities for continuing education and advance skills development.”

The project was funded by the State of California and RCCD’s Measure C bond, approved by voters in 2004, and supported by the RCCD Foundation.

Balfour Beatty Construction provided construction management multi-prime services for the project and GKK Works of Irvine provided architectural and design services.

“Our team was especially proud to work on this important project that will provide students access to sophisticated technology that will lead directly to saving lives,”  said Eric Stenman, Regional CEO for Balfour Beatty Construction.”

Members of the Balfour Beatty Construction team included Chris Moseley, vice president; Larry Caprio, CCM, senior project manager; John Atherton, LEED® AP, superintendent; Tim Milam, superintendent; Eric Sierra, LEED® AP, project engineer; Cory Barnhart, field engineer and Donna Squillace, project accountant.

Riverside is the home of next-century health care and RCC’s School of Nursing & Math and Science Complex provides an excellent 

opportunity for students to learn cutting edge techniques and gain an upper hand in the workforce. The complex, built by a local Riverside Construction company is also seeking LEED certification, which recognizes sustainable building practices and increased energy efficiency