Making Spaces into Places: Sidewalk Art Sales

Sidewalk Art Sale

The Riverside Arts Council has expanded its art in public spaces series to the Riverside Plaza with the Riverside Arts Project. This new gallery features rotating exhibits put together by guest curators from arts organizations and educational institutions. The benefits of the project include building connectivity between a diverse array of organizations and a new audience base. It also brings art into a non-traditional space, making it accessible to a broader population.  Sidewalk Art Sales occur every third Sunday at their Riverside Plaza location: 3545 Central Ave, ste 508.

Collaborating to Build a Healthier, Fitter Community: Riverside Junior League and Community Health Foundation Co-Host Fitness Leadership Summit

Over 50 leaders in the health and fitness industry in Riverside came together on June 9, 2011 in an effort to build collaborations and partnerships that will ultimate  increase the community’s overall level of physical activity.  Discussion groups identified existing or perceived barriers to access of fitness opportunities and began the process of improving quality of life in Riverside by making personal and organizational commitments to the solutions.

Stan Morrison, UCR Athletic Director and the event’s inspirational speaker, put it best by saying “It’s about fitness, not sitness!” and added the following “5 Easy Rules of Fitness” to the groups that support and provide fitness opportunities to Riversider (or R’Siders as Morrison likes to put it):

1) Eat Healthy; don’t eat anything served out of a window
2) Get Moving; spend 40 minutes of walking, jogging or running at least 5 days a week
3) Don’t Eat After 7:30 p.m.
4) Do 20 Crunches everytime a commercial comes on when watching TV
5) Buy a Mirror and weigh yourself 1 time per week

Fit Riverside:
Riverside Community Health Foundation

Collaborating for Brain Gain: Youth and Young Professionals Share Ideas, Plan Next Steps

Leaders from the Pick Group, Youth Council, College Council of Riverside (CCOR) and UCR’s Undergraduate Research in the Community (UGRC) met recently to discuss ways they can collaborate to increase Riverside’s “brain gain”.  Great discussion – expect to see outcomes from this critical and timely meeting early this fall.  Follow the links below for more information about each of these groups:

Pick Group:
Youth Council: